Trinsara began as a concept when several of those playing in this campaign decided to make their own world after first becoming fascinated with the world of Dungeons and Dragons. The first incarnation of Trinsara lasted roughly a year, before the group moved on and began gaming in published worlds such as Greyhawk and The Forgotten Realms.

With the release of 4e, however, the group decided to recreate Trinsara, the setting of their original adventures. The new version of Trinsara was a collaboration among the DM and the players. Each person created their own civilization and culture. The group then sowed the cultures together in one cohesive history.

Trinsara is in fact just one continent in the larger world, called Estoria. Estoria is a world of four continents, Larandier, Trinsara, Niew Huis, and Aravil. The world is high magic and relatively high-tech for a high fantasy setting. Airships are common in Trinsara, powered by large magical conduits. Niew Huis is a large vast continent, shared mostly by humans and dwarves. Larandier is the home Larandians (Eladrin). It was once a shining beacon of civilization. However, an undead plague has ripped the continent apart and now it is little more than a harsh and cold continent where only the strongest and cruelest survive. Aravil was once the seat of human civilization, however three ages ago a vast orcish horde destroyed the human kingdom there. Aravil has kept its name over the eons, however little beyond that remains the same.

This page is designed to record all relevant information for the campaign. There is an adventure log, chronicling the party’s adventures in Estoria, a history section, as well as player character sites.


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