H2: Something's in the Woods

A month after the events in Hunter’s Mark, Kronk received a vision from Moradin. Moradin commanded Kronk to seek out an elf in Dockton, named Valen Liadon. According to Moardin, Valen Liadon had the key to the puzzle, to the evil that the Heroes are trying to prevent. Kronk awoke in his bed following the dream to find Spark and Loki playing a Larandian card game. Kronk relayed his vision to his companions and the three agreed to set out for Dockton immediately. Kronk and Spark went to steal a horse, against Loki’s wishes, while the Larandian went to a whore house.

En route to the whore house, Loki encountered Dilandau, Baron Gallagher’s personal bodyguard. Loki told Dialandau what the Heroes planned to do, and Dilandau told Loki to speak with the Baron in the morning. Spark and Kronk had stolen a horse together and fled the city, agreeing to meet Loki outside town.

Loki went to the Baron the next day and told the Baron the Heroes planned to go to Dockton to get an elf. The Baron gave the Heroes his blessing but urged them to be haste: fell things were forming on the borders of the Mark. The Baron feared the Gnoll tribes were becoming more aggressive.

The Heroes set out and soon came across the Iron Wood. Loki warned his companions that the wood was evil and should be avoided. The Heroes agreed to circumvent the wood and took the long route around it. That night they were attacked by a group of mysterious riders in black. At one point, when Spark stabbed one of the riders, an odd metallic clang rang out instead of the sound of a blade piercing flesh and bone. The fight went in the way of the riders and the Heroes agreed to flee into the wood. Loki held the riders at bay while his companions fled into the wood. Loki soon followed and they eluded the riders.

While in the wood the Heroes marched for some hour until they were attacked by a group of elves who accused the Heroes of being in league with some enemy. The Heroes managed to talk the elves down when suddenly a deafening roar was heard from deep within the village. The Elves fled, suggesting the Heroes do the same, and told them to flee to the village of Sultan. Spark and Kronk quickly fled the scene, however Loki delayed to grab a dead elven body and attach it to his horse. Just as Loki was prepared to flee himself, a large hulking werewolf burst through the brush and attacked the ranger. Loki gave fight to the werewolf, but was bitten by the beast and contracted moon fever. The ranger leaped atop his steed and fled into the night.

The Heroes met at a clearing in the wood where a small decrepit shack lay. A beautiful elf woman named Selma emerged from the shack and urged the Heroes to enter. She claimed the werewolf did not attack her home. The Heroes spent the night at Selma’s (Kronk slept outside). In the morning the Heroes continued on to Sultan.

Sultan is a small human village deep within the Iron Wood. Sultan is led by Aramil, a small old human, who warmly welcomed the Heroes. The Heroes also met Aramil’s sullen Captain of the Guard, Haim. Aramil told the Heroes a war had erupted between the Humans and the elves. The elves claimed the humans had kidnapped a cleric of Corellon named Adrie. However, Aramil insisted, this was false. The Heroes agreed to set out and make peace with the elves for the humans. Aramil also mention the werewolf in the wood. It has terrorized the people recently.

That night the Heroes were attacked by an elven raiding party. The Heroes fought the raiding party off in their bedroom. Loki captured one of the raiders, but before he could bring the elf before Aramil, Spark killed the raider. This resulted in a huge quarrel between the Larandian and the rogue.

The next day the Heroes set off for Woodhall, the Elven village. They met with a guard company, who after some smooth talking, agreed to take the Heroes to meet their King, Lucan. Lucan met the Heroes and promised to stop the war if they found Adrie. Lucan mentioned a nearby Barrow Mound that the elves feared. The Heroes went to the barrow.

In the barrow, the Heroes fought many undead. In one room they met the fallen elven prince, Bringol, who was imprisoned in the mound years ago in a war between the elves and the shifters that once lived in the wood. Bringol could only be freed if his dagger was returned to him. The Heroes fought a long and exhaustive battle in a large chamber against undead shifters and a wight. After the battle, the Heroes found Adrie, who was kidnapped by the werewolf, she claimed. The Heroes fled the barrow after returning the dagger to Bringol and freeing him.

Once they emerged to the top, the Heroes were attacked by Selma, who was a hag, and by the werewolf, who was Aramil, a priest of Tharizdun. The fight was deadly and dangerous, as Heroes and Monsters were flung from the cliff side. When the battle seemed to turn poorly for the Heroes, a young warrior emerged from the trees and magically cast the Werewolf off a cliff. He introduced himself as “Col Neshben, Jedi Knight.” Following the battle, the Heroes returned to Woodhall, where they were received as heroes. Spark took leave of the party, insisting he had to find his fiance. Col joined the party in the quest to find Valen Liadon.


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