H3: Save the Wizard, Save the World

With Spark leaving the party, the Tri-force, as they were named by King Lucan of Woodhall, set off for Dockton in search of Valen Liadon. One day out of town the Heroes rested at a wayside inn called the Shadowbrook Inn. During the night they were attacked once again by the Black Riders. The heroes fought off their attackers just enough to allow them to escape to Dockton on horseback.

Once in Dockton, the Heroes went to the Avandran School of Magic, Valen Liadon’s school. The Heroes met Headmaster Akmenos. The Headmaster told the Heroes that Valen had gone off to deliver an item to a customer and would be back soon. When questioned, the Headmaster told the Heroes that the creatures that had been pursuing them were in fact “Warforged.” A race of beings created during the Great Rift Wars that were constructs imbued with the souls of the dead. He fears that Glim Nackle, a former pupil of his, had set the Warforged after the Heroes. Regardless, the Heroes were urged to wait until Valen returned. In the meantime they could partake in the Victory Day Festival, which celebrates the Republican victory over the Royal forces at Griffin Point.

At the festival Kronk beat out everone to win the drinking contest. As a reward he was given the Rod of Wonder. Col Neshben narrowly defeated Loki in a tri-athelon. The last event of the day was a battle royale. To the Heroes’ surprise they were pitted against the Returners (Sarkus, Rizzen, and Dogfish), who had also joined the tournament. In the final round the heroes fought valiantly, turned the tide of the battle against the Returners and barely defeated them.

After the fight, Akmenos told the Heroes he had received a message from Valen. He was attacked an at inn to the north of Dockton and now waits in a locked cellar. The Heroes raced out of Dockton and went after Valen at the Icicle Inn. Trudging through the snow, they Heroes came upon a large beautiful inn. Loki sneaked around the building and discovered a common area filled with Human warriors. The Heroes battled the humans with several notable moments: Kronk hid in the snow while several of the warriors came around the corner. Easily spotting the Dwarf, one of the humans cried out, “Dwarf!” To this, Kronk sat up, looked behind, and exclaimed with surprise, “Where?!” Col Neshben leaped (barely) through a glass window and gathered all the enemy around him. Loki lurked around the inn dishing out deadly twin strikes. After a long and tiring battle the Heroes won. A dwarf named Dakkon Blackblade emerged claiming he was the leader of this group and that he was hired to capture Valen Liadon. After the Heroes refused to pay him off Dakkon fought the Heroes. Col Neshben claimed he would kick Dakkon’s ass. To which Dakkon agreed to a duel. Col Neshben declined. Realizing he could not defeat the Heroes on his own, Dakkon retreated into the snow.

The Heroes then found a cellar door that lead into a wine cellar. Descending down into the cellar the Heroes found that someone had burrowed into the cellar and fought with whoever was there. The Heroes followed the tunnel deep into the underdark where they came upon a hobgoblin lair. They soon discovered that the hobgoblins meant to sacrifice Valen Liadon to a young black dragon. The Heroes desperately fought off the young wyrm and rescued the Elf Wizard. Valen told the party that Glim Nackle was behind all this. He urged the Heroes to help him defeat Glim before the Gnome could rally enough power to find the Forgotten City.

As soon as the Heroes emerged from the caverns a ranger from Ashbenford appeared. He had been tracking the Heroes and he claimed that Ashbenford had been attacked by the Gnolls. The Heroes’ assistance at Ashbenford was greatly needed. Loki believed himself indebted to Baron Gallagher and agreed to return to the city.

Memorable Moments:

1) Kronk constantly using the Rod of Wonder on Col Neshben, who grew increasingly irritated. It should be noted, the Jedi sprouted leaves.

2) Col Neshben’s final blows to Rizzen and Sarkus. All combatants save Rizzen, Sarkus, and Col Neshben had been defeated. Col Neshben was caught between the two enemies. He managed to strike Sarkus to the ground and then cleaved Rizzen to the ground, winning the battle with nearly no hit points left.


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