H5: War in the Forgotten City

Session 1

The session began with the heroes watching the army that loomed on the horizon. They decided to delve into the mountain and find the Forgotten City. After a several hour walk into the mountain, where Loki and Korko took lead, the heroes came upon the city. It was a magnificent sight, that brought tears to Kronk’s dwarven eyes, and awe to the others. It was a beautiful and ancient city, comprised of the tallest towers and the finest architecture, and it rest upon an island of rock in a cavern so large it was hard to imagine the mountain could contain it. Many bridges connected the landing on which the Heroes stood with the city in the center of the cavern. They Heroes walked across one when they came across a Dragonborn, dressed in army and wielding a greatsword. The Dragonborn explained that he belonged to a race of dragonborn that came to the city with the Dwarves who built the city following the Great Rift War. The dragonborn were charged with protecting the city and the rift. However, since then, the the Drow who dwell in the dark have risen from time to time and hav eventually killed all the dragonborn save this last one.

This last sentinel seemed to confused Kronk for one of the dwarves who belonged to some alleged Secret Council that oversaw the city. However, he mentioned, none have come in many years. Furthermore, he told the heroes that other men had already entered the Pyramid in the center of the city, where the rift was held. He led the Heroes there and bade them to stop Gallagher and his allies. Before the Heroes teleported into the Pyramid, the dragonborn shoved a crystal into Kronk’s hand and bade him to keep it south.

Inside, the Heroes entered a room and immediately attacked a group of humans holed up in there. Just as the battle began, one human ran through a door and away from the battle. In his characteristically gung ho style, Col Neshben wantonly gave chase. However, it was a trap. Col was teleported into another room which was in essence a giant furnace. The room burned up as Col tried to break his way out of it, however the Neshben was too weak to open the door, save for one time, however the door was quickly shut again in his face.

Session 2

The adventure began where it left off last: Col was stuck in the furnace while Kronk, Loki, Korko, and Tauren battled with the enemy. Kronk hoped to help his friend, Col, by running down the hallway but was teleported himself into the furnace. Outside Tauren, Korko, and Loki continue to fight an Outlaw. Col and Kronk continued to try to burst out of the room but repeatedly failed until their fourth or fifth try when they finally burst through. The two then killed two archers while Loki and Korko took out the outlaw in the other room. The group then decided to rest in order to heal up before going deeper into the Pyramid.

In the next room the Tri-force encountered a group of human sled by a Dragonborn, named Gharash Vren. Vren believed the Tri-force were working with the “Frost Elves” and ordered his men to attack. The Tri-Force tried to reason with the men, ensuring them that they were not enemies. Ultimately, Vren decided not to trust the Tri-force but he did agree to give them the plate so that Tri-force could open the rift.

The heroes then retraced their steps and soon found themselves in a cold room, where ice covered the floors. As the group entered the corridor two tall blue-skinned Eladrin appeared and sounded an alarm. Within moments the Tri-force was surrounded and found themselves under attack. The party fought valiantly until the won the combat over from the Eladrin, or the “Frost Elves.” Their leader was a woman who told Loki she was a worshipper of Orcus and had attempted to open the rift one thousand years ago following the Great Rift War. Loki, angered that the woman would not repent for following Orcus, attempted to stab her to death. After her a viscous wound across her neck, and an attempt to be restrained by Col Neshben, Loki left the room fuming. He was tied up by Kronk, who tried to turn Loki blue with his Rod of Wonder. The result was Loki grew in size and was assaulted by butterflies. Kronk abandoned the attempt.

Col found a magical chess set and a sigil of compansionship. Kronk found a Cape of the Mountebank. The session ended with Kronk and Loki attempting to slay the woman, yet again. Col threw himself in front of her. Loki accidentally stabbed himself and Kronk did not attack because he was laughing too hard.

Session 3

Col is dead. The Tri-force ventured into a large cavern where they were ambushed by troglodytes and a wyvern. While the party battled the monsters, Korko dragged the body of the Frost Eladrin to Garash Vren, where she was summarily executed. During the battle, Col lunged out, exposing himself to a cliff, in an attempt to strike down one of the remaining troglodytes. At that moment, during some back and forth banter between Col and Loki, the Larandian admitted what he had Korko do to the Eladrin. Overcome with shock, Col put down his guard and was subsequently pushed over the cliff and fell to his death.

Session 4

Following Col’s death the party met two newcomers, Dash Lli’mytt, a human bard, and Shamash, a half-orc fighter/barbarian. Dash had been imprisoned with Kronk’s father. During an escape from their captors, Kronk’s father was killed. His dying command was for Dash to find and protect Kronk. As such, Dash and Shamash swore their allegiance to what remained of the Tri-force and the Heroes agreed to finally take on Baron Gallagher in the final chamber.

The final chamber was large and dominated by a three-tiered pillar in the center. In order to activate or destroy the rift, one must open one of six doors by climbing to the top tier and performing an appropriate check. After that, one door would open and a player would need to perform a second check inside the room beyond the door. The first party to make three of these latter checks would win.

The Tri-force and their allies were met by Baron Gallagher and his crew: Spark Dietrich, Dogfish, Sarkus, and a hulking troll. The two factions battled valiantly. Dash and Shamash showed their strength in the party, the former with his strong buffs and quick thinking and the former with his awesome power to destroy with his axe. Loki faced off against Spark and eventually kill his former friend and ally. Kronk faced the troll by himself, and eventually would get one of the markers for his own party by teleporting through a door.

Loki was killed during the battle, when Dogfish cleaved the Larandian in two. The party continued to fight on until every one of Baron Gallagher’s allies was dead. However, the Tri-force would not achieve victory. While barely alive, the Baron was able to activate the third check and opened the rift. The room went black and the party was teleported elsewhere . . .


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