H6: Finding Home

The Heroes find themselves stuck in the Shadowfell, where they must defeat an evil lich in order to return home!

Session 1

After Baron Gallagher opened the gate the Heroes found themselves falling through darkness. They awoke in a field of dark grass, surrounded by eerie blue trees. After Kronk extended a laurel of peace, Baron Gallagher explained that while he had opened the portal, the warforged army he had created was intended to stop the demonic army as it poured through the rift. His motive in opening the portal was to be reunited with his love once again. Just before a confrontation between Dash and Gallagher erupted, a bright flash of white light erupted before among the Heroes. In its wake stood a tall man with blue skin: a deva.

The deva closely resembled the fallen Loki, however the the deva claimed he was named Ikol. He was unaware of any relation he might have with Loki. He was not sure why he was sent here, and had little memory. Ikol told the party that they were certainly in the Shadowfell, and particularly within a Domain of Dread. A Domain of Dread is an area where people may only enter and not exit. In order to leave the realm the inhabitants must kill the lord who rules it.

The Heroes discussed what their course of action was. During this time, Dash stole the boots off Sarkus’s body. This grew the ire of Baron Gallagher, Tauren, and Ikol. Despite their disagreement with Dash’s stripping the body, the bard kept the boots.

The party followed a road into the woods, leaving behind the bodies of Sarkus and Dogfish, while taking Loki’s and Spark’s. The party came across a small inn off the main road. They approached and entered the inn, which was run by a Shadar-kai named Nylo. Nylo was shocked to see “outsiders” and explained that the Lich Lord Kraken did not allow anyone to be out at night, when his undead servants roamed the roads. While the party sat and ate a much needed meal they could hear the moans of cries of the undead outside.

While the party spoke with Ikol, a Vampire named Zym entered the inn, accompanied by his wight guards and ghouls. Zym noticed the plates and mugs the party had left behind and soon a fight erupted between the party and the undead. Kronk, Ikol, and Tauren did the majority of the fighting, for Dash was dominated. During his domination, Dash turned over his sword to Zym, announced his latent homosexuality, and then sovereign glued his hand to the ground. Once the battle began to turn against the undead, Zym turned to mist and disappeared, taking Dash’s sword with him.

Following the battle the Heroes went to sleep with one man watching at a time. During Dash’s watch, the bard asked Nylo to watch for him while he ran an errand. Dash sneaked outside where was immediately seen by ghouls. Dash attacked the ghouls, killed them both, and then continued into the woods.

Dash hurried back to the spot where the party had left behind the bodies of Dogfish and Sarkus. When he arrived, however, he realized he was not alone. A Shadar-kai was inspecting the bodies as Dash approached. The shadar-kai said his name was Dal-nan and that he meant no harm. Dash spoke with Dal-nan for a short time when the two were suddenly attacked by a zombie hulk and three vampire spawns. Dash killed the three vampire spawns after being beaten savagely, and then turned his attention to the hulk, who repeatedly knocked Dash to the ground. Dal-nan aided Dash in his fight against the hulk. After several back and forths, Dal-nan suggested Dash flee with him. Dash declined and insisted he could take down the hulk. Dal-nan waited briefly and then fled. Dash, determined to kill the hulk, refused to leave. He attempted to strike down the hulk, but instead was struck down himself.

When all hope faded, Dash suddenly jumped back to his feet to see Dal-nan and the hulk standing over his body. Dal-nan was in fact working with the zombie! Dal-nan shrieked in anger and attempted to kill Dash. Dash dodged the attack, rose to his feet, and fired the rod of wonder at the zombie. Tymora must have been with him, because the rod turned Dash invisible. Dash then fled the battle and returned to the inn.

At the inn Dash informed Nylo that Dal-nan was working for Kraken. Nylo was visibly upset about this. He asked Dash to kill Dal-nan, because Nylo believes it was Dal-nan who sold out Nylo’s wife to Kraken two years ago. Dash agreed and continued his watch.

Session 2

Dash kept watch for roughly a quarter of an hour, when a zombie hulk suddenly barreled through the north wall of Nylo’s tavern. Through the wall also came two wights, several vampire spawn, and Dal-nan. Dash raised the alarm but was quickly overcome by the onslaught. He was knocked out and perhaps would have died if it were not for Baharash, a dragonborn warrior of the wood. Baharash had come upon the domain of dread and saw the fight begin in the tavern. He heroically had the enemy surround him, which gave time for Kronk and Ikol to dash to the fight from their bedroom. In addition to Baharsh, a Larandian rogue named Meliae, who also found his way into the domain of dread, entered the battle. Eventually the Heroes killed their enemy, or those who survived escaped, however narrowly.

After the battle the Heroes discussed what they would do. Baron Gallagher, Shamash, and Tauren would protect Nylo, while Baharash, Meliae, Ikol, Dash, and Kronk would go to Cyllo, a man rumored the have worked for the king.

The sun never rose and a heavy snow fell over the village. Nylo stated that Lord Kraken can control the weather in his domain of dread. Meliae asked where he could sign up to learn that power. The party went to Cyllo’s home. He was a cantankerous old man, and the party spent a deal of time convincing him to lend his aid. Eventually the old Shadar-kai agreed. He told the Heroes that the former king had a consort in the village. In order to visit his love, he would use a secret tunnel the led from his temple in his tower to just outside the graveyard. The party agreed to set out and find this tunnel.

As they traveled through the snow Kronk noticed a ballista sitting on a ridge overlooking the road. Kronk took several steps toward the ballista when, suddenly, a flameskull leaped out and fired a ray of flames at the party. The party fanned out and engaged. Dash spotted a vampire spawn running across the road and ran out to kill it before it did anything that would harm the party. Baharash cried out for Dash not to run off. It would prove to be useful advice, for as soon as Dash killed the vampire spawn a skeleton with four arms and four scimitars emerged from a hiding spot and cut Dash to pieces. Following him Zym emerged again and gave Dash a deadly sneak attack. Dash then suffered a hit from the flameskull, and Dash went out. Baharash conjured a small wood to protect the party from the assault. Kronk and Ikol were able to destroy one of the multi-limbed skeletal guardians.

Dash was revived, but subsequently dominated by Zym and sent running. The session ended mid-battle.

Session 3

The party continued their fight against Zym and his cronies. Eventually, seeing his allies fall, Zym made his escape by turning into his gaseous form. The party searched the small building near the battle site and they recovered Dash’s sword. Unfortunately for Dash, the chest that contained the sword was trapped. Dash was pricked by a poisoned dart, and he now suffers from blinding sickness.


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