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In Estoria many are born into the role they will serve for the rest of their lives. Some are born rich. Some are born poor. Some are destined to be great politicians. Some are destined to be great farmers. The one thing that binds all of them is their acceptance and knowledge of the world around them and how they fit into it, as one cog amidst the many that make a clock tell time. For some, however, this comfort in the world around them remains elusive. Unsure of where they fall in the tapestry of life, what thread their life comprises, these men live their entire lives searching for something they doubt they will ever find.

Tauren Gainsborogh was born in Trinsara during the year 3988. Tauren’s father, Eron, was a knight in the Steward’s army, the Legionnaires. Eron was tasked with traveling about the realm with his troupe eliminating the Gnolls, Orcs, and Goblinoids that periodically terrorized the countryside. During one prolonged journey Eron and his legionnaires chased a company of Gnolls into the Werewood, a thick heavy forest to the East of Trinsara. There in the wood the Legionnaires met the Gnolls and slaughtered them before they could lay waste to an Elven village, although at much cost. The legionnaires suffered high casualties and implored the Elves to allow them to rest in their village while the wounded healed and could return to Trinsara. While there, Eron met and fell in love with a young Elven maid named Etreria. After a fortnight in the village, Eron bid farewell to the Elves and to Etreria and left for Trinsara with his men.

For months Eron would return to the village to see his love. Soon he discovered the Elven woman was pregnant. Eron knew a half-elven child would not be readily accepted within that homogenous Elven community. Desiring to protect Etreria and his coming child, be begged her to return with him to Trinsara where they would be wed and would raise their child. Etreria agreed and the two were married by year’s end.

Tauren was raised in a martial tradition, being the son of a Legionnaire. As a young man he showed much promise with a blade and he had ambitions to join the Legionnaires much like his father. However, with his father mostly on the hunt in the realm, Tauren was left much to his own devises, for his mother was occupied primarily with raising Tauren’s younger sister, Ariel.

Trinsara is a community comprised mostly of Humans and Dragonborn. Unfortunately, much antagonism between these two races existed and often led to violence in the streets. Many Dragonborn felt their place in Trinsaran society had been sidelined since the Great Rift War and many Humans mistrusted the Dragonborn for their apparent lack of patriotism. Tauren found himself in the middle of the racial conflict. As a half-elf he found it necessary to prove to those around him where his loyalties lay. By the time he was fifteen, Tauren had joined a violent Human street gang that was dedicated to protecting the interests of young Humans in Trinsara.

Due to his prowess with a blade and his apparent disregard for his own safety, Tauren soon displayed his courage and efficacy in battle. He was feared by not only those in rival gangs but also by those in his own gang. Tauren would soon lead his own street regiment in the east side of Trinsara.

One night, Tauren led his regiment to the home of a affluent Dragonborn in Trinsara. This Dragonborn was known to donate much gold to programs aimed at helping Dragonborn youth in poor areas of the city. Seeing this, Tauren was sent by his superiors to threaten the Dragonborn to cease such activity. Unfortunately for Tauren word had spread of the operation and a rival Dragonborn gang had lay a trap for the half-elf and his human allies.

In the streets of Trinsara blood ran that night. The Dragonborn attacked the approaching Humans and Tauren in a dark alleyway. Tauren, angered and shocked at being duped, fell into a fury and rage. By the end of the night several of Tauren’s allies had been killed and most of the Dragonborn lay dead by Tauren’s blade. Frightened at actually having killed someone, the young half-elf fled back to his home.

He had seen enough. Too many had died that night and Tauren he knew was responsible. He dropped out of the street gang he had belonged to and refused to take part in any more activities associated with the gang, despite repeated threats by his superiors.

One night Tauren went out drinking with some friends from his school. Bidding them goodbye in the early hours of the morning, Tauren returned to his home. As he approached he saw that something was awry. His mother had always left candles out for him when he was on the town. However, tonight, the house remained dark. Cautiously the half-elf approached his home and walked through the rooms. As he reached his stairway he nearly slipped and caught himself on the banister. Lighting a candle he looked down and gasped in horror. Blood dripped down the stairs and gathered in a pool beneath his feet. Looking up the stairs he saw the mangled bodies of his mother and sister. Tauren cried in horror and shock and raced up the stairs however before he could reach the bodies two large humans, members of his former gang, emerged from the hall wielding longswords. The two attacked the half-elf. unbeknownst to them, Tauren had spent months practicing magic missiles until the tutelage of a mage who lived in the neighborhood. With a fury he unleashed crimson bolts of energy with quickly slay his enemies.

In the hours the ensued Tauren wept and buried his sister and mother in the family plot behind their home. As he stood before their graves, as the sun rose on the horizon, he knew he would have to leave this place. The memory of his family, and the guilt of being responsible for their deaths overtook him. He could not bear to face his father. Tauren gathered his belongings and fled to the airship port where he bought a ticket to Niew Huis. He knew would not need to return to this place.

Description: Tauren stands at 5’10” and his an average muscular build. His features are angular and he wears his dark hair short. He is often dressed modestly, wearing common trousers and shirts when not adorned in armor for battle. Most who meet him remark how his eyes seem to carry a heavy burden. Despite this, Tauren comes off as passionate and dedicated to all that meet him.

Height: 5’10” Weight: 170 lbs. Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Theme Song: “Red XIII’s Theme”—Final Fantasy VII OST

Tauren Gainsborogh

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