Kronk Strakeln

Average sized with an orange mohawk...oh and he's blue...and he glows...and he has an invisible friend...which is an onry psuedodragon


Brother “Kronk Smashy” Strakeln, Goblins Bane, minor annoyance to most orc kind

Paladin Exp:15963


Ability Scores:


Con: 12

Dex: 10

Int: 8

Wis: 16

Cha: 13



Ref: 16

Will: 19

Initiative: +9



Surges/day: 11

Racial Features:

- Cast-Iron Stomache – +5 vs Poison

- Dwarven Resilience – second wind as minor action

- Dwarven Weapon Proficiency – Throwing Hammer and Warhammer

- Encumbered Speed – Normal speed under heavy load or armor

- Stand your ground – -1 square vs effects that push, pull or slide. Saving throw immediate to avoid falling prone from an attack

Class Features:

- Channel Divinity – Divine Mettle or Divine Strength (Encounter, Minor Action)

- Divine Challenge – Marked target -2 attack that dont include paladin, 4 dmg first attack not against paladin (At-Will, Minor Action)

- Lay on Hands – Spend a healing surge. Target regains hit points as if it was theirs (At-Will, Minor Action, 3/day, once a round)


Athletics +9
Endurance +11
Heal +12
Intimidate +10
Religion +8
Perception +7


- Dwarven Weapon Training – proficiency and +2 dmg with axes and hammers

- Powerfull Charge – +2 bonus to dmg, +2 bonus to bull rush attempts

- Improved Initiative: +4 to Initiative

- Weapon Focus (axes) – +1 dmg with axes

- Ritual Caster


- Common

- Dwarven

At-Will Prayers

- Holy Strike – Str vs AC, 1[W]+Str, if target marked +3 dmg

- Valiant Strike – Str +1per adjacent enemy vs AC, 1[W]+Str


- Piercing Smite – Str vs Ref, 2[W]+Str, Target and 3 adjacent enemies marked until end of next turn

- Staggering Smite – Str vs AC, 2[w]+Str, push target 3 squares

- Thunder Smite – Str vs AC (crit on 19-20), 2[W]+Str and target is knocked prone


- Paladin’s Judgment – Str vs AC, 3[W]+Str, One ally within 5 squares can spend a healing surge

- Martyr’s Retribution – Str vs AC, must spend hs w/out regaining hp, 4[W]+Str, miss half dmg

- Radiant Pulse – Cha vs Fort, ranged 10, Hit: 1d10+1 make secondary attack; Secondary target: each enemy adjacent to the primary target; Cha vs Fort, 1d10+1 and you push the target 3 squares. Sustain Minor: primary target same each time, repeat secondary attack. Miss: half dmg and no secondary attack.


- Daily: Sacred Circle – Close burst 3, all allies within zone gain a +1 power bonus to AC.

- Daily: One heart, One Mind – until end of encounter, targets can communicate telepathically and give +4 to aid another

Equipment: Dwarven Plate Armour +3, +1 lightning Great Axe, Dwarven Greeves, Belt of Vigor +1, Rod of Wonder, Throwing Hammers (4), 113 gold, Invisible Psuedodragon friend, Amulet of Health +1


Silently the dwarven runner scales the slippery walls of the small cavern, unseen by the guardians he has been tracking, his dull sage and copper armor making him appear as just another untapped vein of semi-precious mineral. As he cautiously draws his dagger, he spots that which he has spent the past few months searching for; Moradin has led him true and he will not fail in his service to the creator. The runner hurls himself forward, thrusting his blade deep into the armored back of the hook horror, dragging it down from the stalactites with him, landing but feet from the young dwarven guardian it was about to consume.

As Kronk stares wide eyed in surprise at the pile of chitin and armor splayed out before him two more hook horrors attack from their hiding spots on the ceiling, rending his fellow guardians, pulling them closer to the impending doom of their mandibles. Kronk, seeing his allies in danger, calls upon the divine strength granted him by Moradin and charges to the defense. Swing his great axe wildly, Kronk ruthlessly smashes a hook horror, killing it instantly as its head explodes with holy light. Spinning towards the third hook horror, Kronk does not notice the first as it sneaks up and grabs him from behind, flinging him across the cavern. As kronks head hits the unforgiving rock wall and everything becomes blurry and begins to fade, he sees the stranger let fly a volley of arrows before again tackling the beast to the floor.

A light mist rolls around Kronks feet. The cave is gone and he is floating in a realm of vast nothingness. As his eyes adjust to the light, he sees before him an imposing dwarven figure clad in armor so fine it looks to be the very embodiment of dwarven craftsmanship. He does not appear to be any larger then Kronk himself but he has an aura of greatness surrounding him, making it seem as though he is leagues tall looking down on him. Slowly, methodically, the figure speaks. “Kronk. You have pledged yourself to me as an instrument of my will. I now have need of your service. There is a great evil arising and it is you that shall gather the heroes that will defeat it.” Kronk stares at the figure for a moment, then a moment more, before a spark of recognition glints in his eyes, “You…You…Your Moradin? Aren’t ye?....But then….Am I dead? How am I to fight evil as an undead?....I…What evil…”. “Enough, Kronk,” Moradin says softly “you are not dead, and not very smart, but you have a fierce will and a belief as strong as your back. I know you will serve me well. Now you must go and travel the lands. Find those that will stand by you and your belief.”

A bright flash blinds Kronk, and as his eyes flutter, clearing the glare, he sees his traveling companion standing over him. “Oi Berend. Are we dead?” “No Kronk, though you took a mighty fine hit to the noggin you did.” Berend replies as he helps Kronk to his feat “Now hurry up, this stranger says it’s urgent he speak to you and I’m not sure how much fight his spirits got left.”

As Kronk approaches the dying stranger he sees that his arms are tattooed with two ornate hammers, marking him as a descendent of the heads of the Strakeln clan. “RANGRIM!!!! Brother, is that truly you?” Kronk sputters as he falls to his knees at the dying dwarfs side. “Aye…brother Kronk…Its I….I have searched you out for over a month…” Rangrim turns and spits up some blood “They came…out of nowhere, Kronk….they decimated and destroyed….”. Kronk wipes some of the blood and spittle from his brother’s chin, “It wasn’t that bad was it Brother? It was only three of them, and I think I did fairly well for my first battle.”

“Not the hook horrors you dolt….the keep…the giants attacked the keep….they were being led… a great demon….…those they didn’t kill…they put them in fiery chains.”

Kronk looks at Rangrim with disbelief, “But the giants are gone. We drove them out.”

“We had Kronk…but now it appears they have found….a new source of power…a greater evil with wich to allie… You must….You must abandon your state tribute Kronk…you must save them.”

“But…my name…my citizenship. I must pay my tribute Brother.” Rangrim reaches out and grabs Kronk by the forearms “A name…a name matters not…without a clan…our power…clan power lies not with the name….it rests… within the soul….Blinky will guide you and you will save us.”

“Brother, now is not the time to speak of imaginary friends and legends of old. You’ll be fine and we’ll enlist the help of the other clans. We’ll save them together.”

Rangrims face, so full of pain, softens a little as a wry grin spreads across his lips “You will see brother…”.

As Rangrims hands tightened around Kronks in his final death throw, an eerie light starts to race along his tattoo’s, tracing them, burning them away, getting brighter and brighter until with a flash they jumped to Kronk and started to trace the same intricate design, searing the image into his flesh. Through the pain and bright light, Kronk could swear he saw, for the briefest of instants, a little crimson pseudodragon… “Blinky?!?” and with that Kronk was well on the way to enjoying his second great battle nap of his first great battle.

Kronk is a little large and more than a little clumsy for a dwarf, weighing in at 215lbs at 4’9” and having accidentally ‘liberated’ or broken over half the items in the paladin sanctuary with-in his first week. Following the news of the loss of his clan, his meeting with his savior and having then submitted himself to the Oath of Vengeance (dying his hair orange and shaving it into a mohawk) he has become a little more crazy then he used to be. Donning his brothers armor and forsaking his tribute, Kronk has accepted the ridicule of his peers as a part of the burden he must bear. Having failed to convince any of the order, let alone a low-king, that there was an imminent threat to the kingdom, Kronk has set out with his brothers imaginary friend Blinky in search of the brave heroes Moradin instructed him to find. Kronk wields a great axe, much to the chagrin of his fellow paladins, and each of his forearms is covered with a tattoo so intricately wrought that when he balls his fists it looks as if he has warhammers for arms. Having not completed his tribute, Kronk is not a citizen of the dwarven empire, and as such is not entitled to receive a dwarven name (not that he has an elder to give it to him). Other dwarves refer to him as brother, if they even acknowledge his existence. Kronk was the, rather uninspired, name he chose for himself as a young child and has seen fit to keep it until his clan has been returned to this realm. The scar over his left eye was given to him by his blood brother Rangrim after one of their many ‘sparring’ matches.

Kronk Strakeln

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