Dash Llym'itt

Extreme-Awesome (Bard)


Character Name: Dash Llm’itt

Player: The Cool One

Campaign: The Crystal Chronicles

Class: Bard/Cunning Prevaricator



Race: Half-Drow

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Deity: Avandra

Adventuring Company: Big Mouth & Co. Inc.

Age: 25

Eyes: Ice Blue

Hair: White with a bluish tint.

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 150


The story of Dash Llym’itt begins with a young human hero Dash Auw-Sum. Dash Auw-Sum, known as the Keeper of the Mark and the Fellwood, who was a ranger of the north who spent most of his life fighting the fell creatures that would come from the mountains of Urak-Har, also the fell races that would conspire against the human territories and the frontier towns of Niew Huis.

However, on one autumn night while out after hearing word that the drow armies of the north were plotting an attack Dash Auw-Sum was captured while scouting the mountain side he was captured by a Drow Elf sentry. Dragged back to their lair he was imprisoned for almost a year in the caverns of the mountain. During this time his primary interrogator was a young Drow priestess of Llolth named Arwyn’gol Llym’itt. In her efforts to break the proud ranger and learn more about the humans defenses in the border lands, Arwyn’gol began to fall in love with the young ranger, thinking his courage and resilience was nothing short of that of a Drow, eventually bearing him a son whom she named Dash Lllym’itt.

Arwyn’gol was the second daughter of the matriarch for the city of Karinn’gran, behind her older sister Melian. Upon hearing of the birth of Dash Llym’itt Melian approached the chambers of the matriarch of Karrin’gran and informed the matriarch, Madame Ret-sinis’ of what her younger sister had done. Madame Ret-sinis’ ordered the immediate execution of Arwyn’gol’s lover, Dash Auw-Sum and had him fed to a drider before her eyes, however she stayed the execution of Dash Llym’itt. Being a cruel matron she devised a scheme to punish her daughter for her indescretions, and decided to keep Dash Llym’itt as a prisoner until he had grown to the age of a man, and then have him executed as his father once again before her daughters eyes so she could feel true pain for consorting with the enemy.

Dash Llym’itt was a curious boy in his youth, slight in stature, but resilient and quick and charming, albeit quite foolish. Whenever a new prisoner was brought in from one of the Drows raids, he would often try to lift the captive’s spirirts, but also question them for what they knew of the outside world for it was something he had never himself known. At the age of 10 Dash befriended the giant who guarded his cell, Ogg, and learned to speak his language. Dash and Ogg soon came inseperable and would spend hours telling poop jokes, and having farting contests when Dash did not have a cellmate to speak with. Enjoying friendship among the Drow, Ogg then brought Dash a broken lute one day so he could play him music as well and thus began Dash’s love for music for it brought beauty into the dark places which light could not.

As the years progressed Dash just tried to learn more and more, until at the age of 18 a new prisoner was introduced to his cell, a heavily burned dwarf who had been captured when his legion had ambushed a Drow assault on the Mark, who had taken on the name of In’glis’h Derin’ger. Dash having learned the healing powers of his words and music tended to the dwarf for many days, and they became fast friends with In’glis’h developing into a father figure Dash had never known. In’glis’h was kept prisoner for many years, being tortured daily for information on the Dwarven capabilities in the area, but every day once he was returned to the cell Dash would tend to his wounds, then they would exchange lore. Dash would try to impress upon In’glis’h the things he had learned, In’glis’h would teach Dash of the ways of the Dwarven smithies, and impress upon him the morality of Moradin, and how the way of the sword.

Upon reaching the age of 23, the Matriarch had decided it was finally time to fulfill Dash Llym’itt’s doom, and ordered her honor guard to bring the young man before her, and summoned his mother Arwyn’gol to the chambers. By luck, and chance however, Ogg had heard this summons in passing and rushed to Dash’s cell to warn his friend of his fate.

When the honor guard arrived to summon Dash for the matron, In’glis’h acted upon a plan he had devised upon hearing the news and struck one of the honor guard, a crime punishible by death in Karinn’gran. Both were led to the matriarch’s chamber, and Dash was first brought to kneel before Madame Ret-sinis’s dais. Arwyn’gol finally recognizing her son’s doom shrieked as the drider descended from its web above, but before it could devour Dash it was smote by a blade through its neck. In’glis’h, who had broken his bonds dropped the sword he had stolen from an honor guard and in the confusion of what had just transpired grabbed Dash and fled the chambers.

Passing Ogg in their escape, the giant fearing for his only friend stayed the guards as the dwarf and the half-drow fled till he was felled by a several poisoned arrows. Due to Ogg’s sacrafice Dash and In’glis’h were able to make it to the outer perimeter, where they were able to scale the cliff’s to a secret tunnel out of Karrin’gran. Upon reaching the summit of the cliff they were greeted by the sound of three ladders clanking into the stone beside them.

Below the two escapees a host of Drow of at least three dozen were preparing to climb up and retake the fugitives. In’glis’h then turned to Dash and told him, “I have a son, his name is Kronk, and I have received visions from Moradin that the fate of the Estoria may rest in his hands. I know you feel that I am a father to you, therefor by the teachings of Moradin you are his brother. I ask only that you seek him out and protect him to the best of your ability for as long as you can.”

Dash grew worried at this, but knowing he could not convince In’glis’h to change his course uttered, “I will protect him always father.” And with that In’glis’h grabbed the three ladders, and cast himself off the cliff, spilling all the ascending Drow amongst the Drow host gathering below. Dash looked on in horror for a moment as the Dwarf slayed nearly half of the Drow soldiers before being overcome, then Dash ran off into the tunnel.

Long he stayed in the woods, hiding as he could fearing being recaptured until he eventually came upon some Dwarven merchants heading to the Mark. While the merchants were startled at first by the approach of a dark elf, they began to trust Dash when he spoke to them in their own tongue, using their own dialect and ettiquette and bade him to travel with them to the Mark.

Thus began Dash Llym’itt’s tale and his search for the dwarf named Kronk.

Dash Llym'itt

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