During the First Age, the Human philosopher Halil wrote this of the southernmost continent of Estoria: “There is no other realm on our fair planet that represents the extremes of life in such a striking manner as Aravil. The north is lush and fair, with rolling green meadows, healthy farmland, and strong magnificent woods. The weather is temperate and pleasant, with cool wet winters and dry warm summers. The south could not be any more different. It is marked by giant jagged mountains, that loom dark and forebodingly over the lowlands to the North. In the center of this fell mountain range, that the Orcs call Galad-Zin, is a massive crater, believed to have been created in the wake of a giant meteor that crashed into this continent long before recorded history. Finally, it is perhaps the Gods’ way of wry humor that two civilizations, both great and strong, both determined and enduring, however vastly different in ideology and lifestyle emerged on this continent.”

Human civilization began on the continent to the south, which they called Aravil. This first race of men called themselves the Mallor. In their time, the Mallor were among the most advanced civilizations of Estoria. Mallorian weaponry, seafaring, and architecture were the envy of Elves, Drow, Dwarves, and other advanced races. The Mallorian capital of Anduar was the largest city on the planet, and was for centuries run by the Duran monarchy. It was during the reign of the young King Huor, however, that the Mallorians would find their downfall.

The Mallorians, despite their great curiosity and adventurous spirit, avoided the mountain range to the south, that which would later become known as Galad-Zin. Folklore spoke of a great evil that originated there. Additionally, it was thought to be uninhabitable, and hardly worth the effort to colonize. It was the fall of 1089 when a number of Mallorian rangers had spoken of odd occurances in the south. Odd creatures were spotted in the night. Livestock was murdered and eaten, with the bones left to dry in the sun. Sounds similar to those of pigs whined throughout the night in the mountaintop. Despite these warnings, no one anticipated the storm that would sweep away the southern lands.

An army of Orcs and Goblins, larger than any that had ever been fielded swept down the slopes of Galad-Zin with a burning hatred for all the peoples of Aravil. Their leader was a demon named Zalim. Zalim’s origins are still unknown to this day. Some say he was sent by the Gods to punish the Mallorians for some unknown reason. Others say he was merely a bloodlusting powerhungry demon bent on the destruction of the Mallorians. Whatever his origins, he would cause the ruin of Mallorian civilization. On Aravil.

With the first attacks taking the outpost cities of Mundar and Viril, King Huor was thrown in an angered frenzy. The Mallorians gathered the greatest army they had ever assembled and rode out form their capital to meet their foe. The two armies met on the Steppes of Hondar, a long lush field before the great mountains of Galad-Zin. The battle went in favor the Mallorians in the beginning, as they took advantage of their superior knowledge of tactics under the leadership of King Huor and his Lieutenant Duke Eravil. However, on the fifth day of battle the line began to weaken, when Zamil himself appeared on the battlefield himself in order to finish the job the Orcs could not. The Mallorian lines began to break and the men retreated. Desperately rallying the lines, King Huor raced out to face Zamil himself. The two fought savagely in a duel that lasted nearly an hour. At the end, it was Zamil himself who was cut down by the Mallorian King, however not before he managed to sever the Human’s arm. Despite the Demon’s death, the Mallorians could not muster the strength to push the Orcs back whence they came. With their King badly wounded, the Mallorians called a retreat and raced back to the capital, Anduar. The king recovered there, although not in time to lead his soldiers to resist the massive siege the Orcs lay to the city. Following the advice of Eravil, Huor agreed to the unthinkable: a massive retreat from their homeland. A massive armada, never before seen or since matched, ferried all the surviving Mallorians from their beloved Kingdom.

During the voyage to the center continent of the world, what is now Trinsara, a massive storm split the armada. While Eravil and his group made it to Trinsara, the King and his contingent were lost at sea, never to be heard of again. Broken and desperate, the surviving Mallorians crowned Eravil the Steward of the Mallorian monarchy. Under his leadership a new civilization was crafted with the first new human city being named Trinsara.


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