Battle of Griffin Point

At the close of the Third Age Niew Huis fell into a bitter civil war. The monarchy, now under the reign of King Kalan III, had weakened and monarchial control over the national peerage had waned. Many of the peers had grown tired of their inability to control national affairs and yearned for the opportunity to change the several thousand year old system of governance. The peers gathered in secret societies known as The Quiet Ones and began plotting for an overthrow of the monarchy and the establishment of a democracy, in which peerage and title would be erradicated in favor of a society which allowed for mobility based upon merit, not birth. The Quiet Ones sent agents out into the countryside and into the cities in order to begin rallying peasants, workers, and soldiers to their cause. Why should these people be content with always remaining at the bottom of society? Did they not want the opportunity to rise to the top of the social hierarchy themselves? Under the new government, they promised, such opportunity would be realized. With the Republic anything could be had.

The propaganda was successful. Many peasants began to sprout the ideology of the Quiet Ones and began demanding a republic. Town meetings were held in secrecy about supporting the Quiet Ones, and many townships began training their militia for the war they knew would come.

It began with a bread shortage in the year 3989. Bread became scarce in the cities, primarily in Alduin Pair, the seat of the monarchy. Desperate and angry the people took to the streets to demand a new government, one that would not let the bread shortages continue. Truth be told, the national coffer never recovered from the aid Niew Huis gave Larandier during the Battle of the Great Rift. King Kalan III, desperate, did the only thing he knew: he imposed martial law on the city and cracked down on the rebellion.

While the rebellion was crushed in the city, it set fire to those waiting around the rest of the realm. Within a month an army had been raised for the Republicans. The peerage split between those supporting the Republic and those supporting the Monarchy. The latter would be known as loyalists. On the fields of Devonshire, to the east of Alduin Pair, the two armies of the Republic and the Crown met. In what was one of the greatest military upsets in Estorian history, the much smaller Republican force routed the royal troops. The King’s men turned and fled from the battle while their Host took the field and chased them back to capital. However, Niew Huis would not be so lucky as to see such a short war. The Crown rallied and what ensued was a several decade long war.

Decades later, after the tide of battle had gone to both sides and back, Kalan III found himself on the run. He and his armies had retreated to the King’s summer outpost in Griffin Point. There the Crown made its last stand against the Republican army who had chased them across the continent. At the King’s keep, Edarin Yun, the Royal army waited for its host.

The next several days saw some of the bloodiest battle in Niew Huisian history. The Republicans had arrived and instantly bombarded the keep. The Loyalists rode out to meet their host on the fields before Edarin Yun and routed the main body of the Republican army. Believing themselves victorious, at the order of Field Commander Byron, the royal army retreated back to Edarin Yun. This fatal error allowed the Republicans to lick their wounds and reform their lines. Additionally, allies arrived. Elves from the wood of the area had agreed to aid the Republicans in exchange for a promise that the Republicans would not bring war to the wood. The following day began a wicked siege upon Edarin Yun with the aid of the Elves. Within days the battle would be over. King Kalan III was slain by Republican soldiers in his keep as he and his men made a last stand within the dark narrow corridors of Edain Yun. Following the battle the Republic was declared on the fields of Edarin Yun.

Since then the keep of Edain Yun had lain dormant. However, rumors have surfaced around Niew Huis that some evil had made its way into the keep. These rumors are unfounded and have not been confirmed.

—June 27, 4012. Valen Liadon, Historian of Niew Huis.

Battle of Griffin Point

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