History of Niew Huis

On the flight from Aravil the unthinkable happened, King Huor’s flagship as well as several others in the armada lost course in the storm and were separated from the main fleet. In the long months that followed, the kings ships roamed the seas trying to find a new suitable homeland. After months at sea, and the death of King Huor from the injuries suffered in the final battle of Aravil, the surviving men, led by the King’s younger brother Aron crashed into the rocky north eastern coast of what would be later known as Nieuw Huis in the middle of a particularly intense winter. The following months were grueling, and most of the refuges did not survive the blizzards, and attacks by voracious monsters. Some did survive to see the coming spring though in the beginning of the Second Age.

Once the spring came the Mallorian’s were discovered by a group of Gnomes from the clan Jzadiru, and friendly relations were established. The gnomes informed the Mallorian’s of more inhabitable area’s on the continent, and directed them to more suitable lands. The gnomes introduced the humans to the dwarves of the north, and the two immediately began working together. The dwarves supplied the humans with ores, and metals so they could begin constructing great cities, the humans used their magic and technical skills to irrigate the lands, leading to a booming agriculture capable of supporting both peoples.

This trend continued throughout the second age. The dwarves and humans, who were led by the descendents of Aron, came together in defense when needed, and trade relations flourished. The humans created new canals throughout the countryside to allow large shipping fleets to easily travel throughout the continent, allowing for simple dispersal of Dwarven made goods, and a steady supply of crops in turn for the Dwarves. As the humans became more technologically advanced they began constructing their greatest cities on their coasts, and waterways honing their shipping industry into a staple of their economy. These trends continued until the onset of the Great Rift Wars.

In the beginning of the wars the Dwarves came to the Mallorian’s of Nieuw Huis and requested their support in an expedition of the source of the ominous light. The humans however, were concerned that sending their strongest soldiers to the far East could leave them vulnerable to attack by the savage humanoids of the area, or leave them susceptible to famine due to losing their most valuable laborers and declined the request. Not to spite their allies though, the humans built dozens of powerful warships for the Dwarves to begin their quest in. After the initial assault by the Dwarves and Mallorians of Trinsara, the court wizard of King Huor II (named after the ancient King of Aravil), Thergomon received a magical message of distress, giving the mage just a brief glimpse of the terrors from the Great Rift. At his pleading the aging King Huor II left within the next ten day with the lands finest warriors and wizards to join the battle, leaving behind his physically weak son to steward the throne till his return. A return voyage he would never partake.


Twenty years after the Great Rift wars, Nieuw Huis’ economy had swung back in full. Due to their late involvement in the war the country rebounded in full, expanding trade routes out past the Dwarves, to the humans of Trinsara—much to the displeasure of King Huor III. King Huor III felt that the Huisian’s were leaving themselves vulnerable by focusing so much on international interactions, and set up tariffs and export taxes to impeded this business. The now powerful merchant class disagreed though, thus was the beginning of the 10 year war, in which the Royal Army fought the Merchants Militia across the countryside ravaging cities, and destroying acres of cropland. At the onset of the war King Huor III, fearing treason, sent his pregnant wife, and their daughter into hiding, and that is where they disappear from written record.

There was hardly a corner of Nieuw Huis not effected by the bloodshed, the Royal Guards cutting through hundreds of the Militia members, only seen thousands more pop up to replace them. After ten years of warfare the Merchant’s Militia made their final stand at the port city of Yavignon. The Royal Guard had surrounded the city and was posed to crush the resistance, though when King Huor III was about to give the command to commence the attack his fathers former adviser Thergoman turned and destroyed him in a terrible display of destructive magic, and with that the war ended, and the first Democratic Council of Nieuw Huis was born.

In its first years of power the Council opened up Nieuw Huis borders to all who sought refuge. They sent delegates to Trinsara to propose the unification of the Mallorians in Nieuw Huis. They sent delegates to the Elven nation offering citizenship, and later an autonomous sanctuary in an island off the coast of Nieuw Huis. In the following years the Huisian’s pushed for the formation of an international body in Trinsara, while still working to bolster their economic ties with all corners of Estoria.

History of Niew Huis

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