The Shard of Aurel

Shard of Aurel

A palm-sized crystal that faintly glows blue. When worn around the neck, the wearer hears soft whimsical elvish tunes.

Slot: Neck Property: You gain a +1 to arcana, perception, and religion checks.

Property: +1 saving throw against death. p. Property: When using an attack power granted by the Shard you may use your highest mental ability modifier for the attack roll (Wisdom, Intelligence, Charisma). p. Power (At-will✦Arcane, Force, Implement): Standard action; you can use the wizard 1 power Magic Missile. Power (Encounter✦Arcane, Force Implement): Standard action; you can use the wizard 7 power Spectral Ram. Power (Daily✦Arcane, Implement, Psychic, Teleportation): Standard Action; Close Burst 2; Target: all enemies within burst; Attack: vs. Will; Hit: 4d6+Int Modifier psychic damage and you teleport the target five squares in any direction. The final teleport destination must be on solid ground; Miss: half damage and no teleport. Goals of the Shard: To be united with the other shards. To be in the hands of a hero (The Shard is sadistic and wants to see the look on a hero’s face once he realizes he has been duped). Roleplaying the Shard: The Shard of Aurel speaks in a high pitched child-like voice. She is happy, carefree, and flippant. She often cheers on the hero during combat. Concordance Starting Score 5 Owner Gains A Level +1d10 Owner Attaches the Shard +2 Owner Performs a Heroic Act +2 Owner is Lawful Good +2 Owner Kills a Good Character -1 Owner Questions the Shard’s Intentions or Goals -2 Owner Removes the Shard for Any Reason -2 Owner Goes to the Feywild -1 Owner Gets Another Shard +2 Owner Flees From Battle -1 Pleased (16-20). “This fool will see me through.” The Shard is satisfied that the Hero will be the vehicle it needs to see her goals manifest themselves. Property: Item bonus to Arcana, Religion, and perception checks increases to +5. Power (Daily✦Arcane, Cold, Implement). Standard Action. You may cast Blast of Cold (Wizard 15). Satisfied (12-15). “You have the potential to see the the cause complete!” The Shard is happy with the Wielder’s bravery and dedication to the cause. Property: Invulnerable Cold. Property: Vulnerable Fire. Property: (Encounter✦Arcane, Cold, Implement). Standard Action. You may cast Frostburn (Wizard 13), except without the fire property. Normal (5-11). “Feel me. Take me to victory.” The Shard has found a new owner. She is happy to encourage him to victory. Unsatisfied (1-4). “He knows! He’ll bring me to ruin . . . “ The Shard believes the host is either unworthy or is trying to act against her. In an effort to be given to a new wielder, she interferes with the Host. Property: -2 to Perception, Arcana, and Religion check.s Property: Once per day, a power granted by the shard targets the wielder or his allies. Angered (0) The Shard does everything she can to rid herself of the Host. Property: -5 to perception, arcana, and religion checks. Property: Once per encounter, a power granted by the shard targets the wielder or his allies.

The Shard of Aurel

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