After landing on the new continent, the Mallorians, under the leadership of Eravil, quickly set to work building their first settlement, the town of Porton. The surrounding land was conducive to a large settlement, for the farmland was rich and the weather was temperate. Porton quickly grew and within a decade it was the largest city in the known world. The Mallorians had been wary of the surrounding area of their new home. An unknown enemy had chased them out of their old world, and had left their civilization on the brink of extermination. Despite their martial prowess, many Mallorians were reluctant to expand too far on this new continent, for fear that history would repeat itself.

This indeed was the policy of Eravil, the Steward, until he died in a tragic hunting accident. His successor and son, Achaen, took a different policy and began to aggressively expand out into the north with his elite fighting force, the Legionnaires. In the north Achaen encountered roaming bands of Gnolls, Trolls, Bugbears, and other goblinoid races. He and his men made quick work of these primitive fighters and soon the Mallorians had decided to scale the great mountain range that divided the continent in two. The Steward named this mountain range, The Great Divide.

The Mallorians scaled the mountains where they eventually came into the company of a race hereto unknown to them: the Dragonkin of the mountains. These humanoids were descendants of dragons, but had many features of men. While few in number, they possessed a knowledge of arcane magic that dwarfed anything the Mallorians knew. Achaen, being a prudent leader, knew he could forge a great alliance with these beings. He observed that the Dragonkin had constant problems with the monstrous humanoids of the region, and offered to exterminate them in exchange for knowledge and learning. The Dragonkin quickly agreed to this proposition.

The Mallorians spent years eliminating the greatest Gnoll and Goblinoid tribes from the region. In exchange the Dragonkin made good on their promise of learning and knowledge. At the close of the third age the two races agreed to create a magnificent city in the Great Divide. The city would be dedicated to learning and aesthetics, and it would forever be protected from way by its insurmountable mountain range. The city was called Trinsara, the Draconic word for Alliance.

Due to Trinsara’s location within the Great Divide, the Mallorians and Dragonkin quickly went to work to create the world’s first airships. Indeed, airships have become a staple of Trinsara and to this day they remain the only viable method of reaching the city in the mountains.

The Great Rift War saw one of the greatest and proudest times in the history of the Mallorians. At the close of the second age the isolationist continent Larandier had gone to war with itself. Initially this conflict did not concern the Mallorians. The wars of Elves and others abroad did not grasp the Mallorians’ attention or imagination in any substantial manner. Most Mallorians believed intervention in the matter was beneath them. One day, however, a dwarven envoy from Niew Huis appeared in Trinsara with a message for the Steward, Euan the Lionhearted. A Great Rift had appeared in Larandier and from it the beasts and demons of Hell had arrived on the mortal plane. The envoy from Niew Huis pleaded with the King: the Dwarves of Niew Huis would go to aid the newly formed Alliance in Larandier. The Dwarves had attempted to convince King Huor II of Niew Huis to take his men abroad, however he refused, fearing what would happen to his kingdom if his armies were sent abroad. However, the Dwarves urged: if the demons were not stopped on Larandier, they surely would come across the oceans to the other free continents. All Free Peoples must come together to fight, if not there could be little hope of victory. Captivated by this argument, and fearful of allowing the demons to spread, The Steward Euan quickly agreed to join this new alliance. At the turn end of the second age, airships still were not fit to ferry troops and enter combat. Thus, the King arranged for a massive armada to sail to Larandier with nearly every able bodied Mallorian man aboard.

The campaign was long and brutal, however the Free Peoples defeated their fell enemies, with the late entry of the war by King Huor II and his men. Unlike King Huor II, the Steward Euan survived the war and returned home a hero and today remains the most beloved of Stewards in Mallorian lineage. The Third Age was spent in peace, and much was dedicated to research in magic and technology. By the end of the Third Age, the men of Trinsara had ceased to refer to theselves as Mallorians, but had begun to refer to themselves as Trinsarans, perhaps as a way to distance themselves from other humans.

Relations between the Mallorians and Dragonkin strained some years after the Great Rift War. The Mallorians continued to grab more power and soon the Dragonkin became but a weak minority among the many Mallorians who dominated the government. The Steward of the Mallorians became the defacto monarch of Trinsara and the entire realm. Many Dragonkin live and work well in this new multicultural society, however there is a strong contingent of these folk who are not pleased with the current structure. Rumors have spread that many Dragonkin belong to an underground sect that promises to overthrow the Steward and replace Dragonkin rule in the realm.

At the beginning of the Fourth Age, Trinsara became the seat of the Council of Four: a council that brought together the old allies of the Great Rift War, the dwarves, the elves, the Trinsarans, and the Mallorians of Niew Huis.

Trinsara is now a city of vast technology and high magic. Trinsarans pride themselves on their advanced civilization and their knowledge of the arcane. It is not uncommon to see Trinsarans using magic in every day mundane scenarios, whether fetching something dropped or baking a loaf of bread. Airships commonly are seen in the skies throughout the continent, however they remain extremely expensive and only the rich and powerful tend to own even the smallest of airships. Trinsarans are a people known to be obsessive with aesthetics.

The current Steward is Tancred the Firebrand, named after his passionate speeches and martial prowess. He is a young Steward, barely 30 years of age. He is well respected, handsome, and believed to be quite wise. However, Tancred remains to be tested, since he has been Steward only for two years.


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