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House Lesovik’i’Ntaurn was not a very well known house, nor were they wealthy, old, or opinionated. Despite all this they still managed to gain the ire of house Danaerys’Tel’Taurn and lose everything they had earned.

It was a wretched winter, one that hit early leaving many stranded outside the protection of the major cities. One such group, about 100 or so strong, was stranded at a keep on the edge of the lands controlled by house Danaerys’Tel’Taurn. The keep that overlooked these small farmlands was owned by house Lesovik’i’Ntaurn.

Aust Lesovik’Ntaurn stayed behind after the rest of his house had left to ensure his vassals made it to safety. The grasp of winter had closed tight before they could leave with an early snowstorm. Aust led a group of scouts into the cold of winter to search for any survivors on the roads. Most of those found had already turned into one of the undead that winter brings, but they did find a few survivors. One such survivor was the youngest daughter of the lands ruling house, a beauty by the name of Cailin.

During the winter Aust and Cailin spent much time together, being the only two people of any social status in the small keep. They dined together nightly and Aust trained the young noble woman in swordplay. It was easy to see that the two were attracted to one another and before soon rumors were rampant throughout the keep. Rumors grew when Cailin first stopped her lessons at swordplay and was seen sick in the mornings, and were soon proved true when Cailin began to show more obvious signs of pregnancy.

When winter receded back to the north and communication was once again capable good news was sent to the Lesovik’i’Ntaurn family of a new heir to their house. A letter of sorrow was sent to house Danaerys’Tel’Taurn informing them of their youngest daughters remains being carried to them personally by Aust. Once again rumors flew, and soon after the ceremonies of the nobles death were finished rumors were proven true by eye witnesses.

House Danaerys’Tel’Taurn was furious at the scandal of the child, and more so at the depredation of their daughters name. House Lesovik’Ntaurn knew their time was soon to end and Aust had Loki sent to the colony on Niew Huis for Loki to be raised in the safety of the orphanage run by the church of The Raven Queen. That coming winter house Lesovik’Ntaurn was tasked with the defense of house Danaerys’Tel’Taurns furthest outpost to protect travelers. They never made it back to the city and when winter passed house Lesovik’i’Ntaurn could not be found. Many of the last to make it in spoke of the heroism of the minor house that protected the far outpost, some bards have even composed ballads, the most famous being The Redemption of Last Winter, written by Kornel the Purple Bard.

Loki escaped his death but his family was lost to him and the church along with the other orphans were the only family he knew. Loki and his two closest friends were constantly picked on, word had spread of the scandal of Loki’s birth and many called him the orphan of winter. Soon Loki and his friends started calling themselves the Orphans of Winter, they took it upon themselves to protect the other children from the bullies of the playground; they took the name that was meant to cause pain and made it a symbol of hope. This led to many of the bullies having it out for Loki since he was the “leader” of his little trio, but as they grew older the feuds were soon forgotten.

Loki was excellent at mathematics through his schooling and was taking advanced math classes while others his age were still learning basics. Due to this Loki was soon taken in as an acolyte of the church to keep the books of the churches expenses. Loki was a quick learner and he was soon on the same level of his trainer. His two friends were both chosen to be part of the city guard and he frequently met with them to learn martial skills. All three of them saved their money and soon they all wore tabards of white, silver and black with the Raven Queens emblem on the chest, marking them as Orphans of Winter.

One day while Loki was speaking with the head priest about the churches books the colony came under attack by a group of goblins and hobgoblins. Loki and his two friends helped to protect the church from being ravaged and helped to lead one of the groups on a counter attack against the raiders. The head priest then referred Loki to train under his brother, a member of the towns advanced guard, relieving him of his duties as the churches book keeper.

Loki gained an interest in his family history and began to read documents of Larandian history. He learned of how they heroically held the far outpost of the Danaerys’Tel’Taurn lands so that hundreds could make it to the safety of the city. He swore he would end the undead threat of Larandier and regain his family’s good name or die trying. The head priest requested that he stay at least one more year before leaving, Loki apologized and took a job as a guard for a caravan so he could begin his journey back to Larandier to avenge his family and end the undead threat.


Loki Lesovik’i’Ntaurn has broad shoulders and a large chest, at least for an Larandian. He is moderately attractive with a natural sarcasm, and though people are drawn to him and genuinely like him he keeps few friends. He is very courteous to others, however he will most likely forget your name and face unless you have known him a while; he is very forthcoming with aloofness though. Loki wears the tabard of the Orphans of Winter, a group only known in the Larandian colony on Niew Huis, over hide armor, and carries a small armory while traveling. If encountered in town he will most likely be wearing his tabard over a nice set of clothes with the same color scheme of white, silver and black with his sword at his side. You will often see him smiling and observing those around him; he talks with many, but is close with very few. It is also possible you will see Loki stumbling his way to a local brothel if a lady-friend does not already accompany him.

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 175 lbs

Eyes: R: Blue L: Green

Hair: Silver

Skin: White


Theme Song: Rise Against, Prayer of the Refugee

Loki Lesovik

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